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Top Reviewer
Awesome idea! I was heading out anyway and figured I would place an order for pick up. As soon as I walked in, my drink was ready and I was able to keep it moving! Coffee is amazing!


Top Reviewer
Quick delivery! Everything was compartmentalized so there was NO sogginess---which I feared. They are great!

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1 review
I heard good things, and was excited to try it for the first time. The delivery guy totally mishandled the order and ruined the waffle and spilled the coffee everywhere. I called them and they sent the correct order again in a timely manner and it was amazing!
Sh*t happens, delivery guy messed up, and it wasn't the restaurant's fault. They took care of it right away and the Waffle was delicious!


4 reviews
I was hesitant to order for delivery after reading the reviews, but Id been wanting to try Wafels & Dinges since hearing about them... am I glad I did! The waffles were warm and crisp, the amount of toppings were perfect+ and packaged well, the shake was cold, the delivery was on time, the order was correct... I certainly wont hesitate to order again!


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I've ordered here a few times. They had some glitches early on, but the last times were spot on. Good option is the "Turtle waffle" and the "wake up grumpy. they usually include an extra cookie with the bag. Most delivery waffles that I've tried end up being soggy, these are a good option.


1 review
I love the Wafels & Dinges cafe, and was skeptical of having them delivered, but I tried anyway. The experience was smooth, and the wafels and toppings were packaged great and held up really well. AWESOME!


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Food was delivered on time, whipped cream and ice cream were served on the side for me to help myself. Definitely a recommendation if you're in to a sweet bite!

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Awarded "Best Belgian Waffle in NYC"Shop at: http: //arcadianyc.com/Catalog/wafels-and-dingesflagship cafe at 15 Ave B at 2nd Street, NYC